WATCH: Mga Sundalo sa Marawi nag-Baby Shark Challenge

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Viral ngayon sa Youtube itong video ng mga sundalo na nagdiriwang sa kalayaan ng Marawi City mula sa mga terorista.

“Malaya na ang Marawi”, ito ang opisyal na dineklara ni Pangulong Duterte ngayong araw. Kaya naman, ang mga kasundaluhan natin ay nagdiriwang. Hindi napigilan ng tatlong sundalong ito ang mapasayaw sa tagumpay na nakamit nila to the tune of Baby Shark!


Sec. Piñol: Sinadya ni Duterte na i-extend ang Transport Strike, Kaya Wala Pa Rin Pasok

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Usap-usapan ngayon sa socialmedia ang post na ito ni Agriculture Secretary Manny Piñol ukol sa totoong dahilan kung bakit daw wala pa ring pasok hanggang ngayon, October 17.

Kahapon, October 16, wala ring pasok dahil sa transport strike na isinagawa ng mga tsuper at jeepney operators. Idineklara ng Malacanang na #WalangPasok ang October 16 at 17 upang hindi daw maabala ang mga estudyante, manggagawa, pribado man o publiko, at lahat ng taong apektado ng isinasagawang rally.

Sabi ni Secretary Piñol, sinadya daw talaga ni Pangulong Duterte na i-extend ang permit ng mga nagra-rally, kahit pa daw isang linggo o isang buwan magra-rally ang mga ito. Okay lang daw ito sa Pangulo. Ugali daw talaga nya ito kahit noong mayor pa sya ng Davao City.

When he was Mayor of Davao City, transport group leaders asked Rody Duterte for a permit to hold a one-day transport strike. To the surprise of the transport group leaders, Duterte issued them a week-long permit and even gave them sacks of rice to feed the strikers.

When he related the story to me, I asked him why he did it and his reply was very simple.

“I have always respected people’s right to air their grievance against government. I will allow them to walk until they are tired and shout until their voices are hoarse,” he said.

Humanga si Sec Manny sa galing ng estratehiyang ito ng Pangulo. Tinawag pa nya itong brilliant strategist, sapagkat alam daw nyang gamitin ang lakas ng kalaban para sila ay papanghinain.

Beyond that statement, however, I saw the gambit of a brilliant strategist, one who uses the strength of his opponents to weaken them. Classic Duterte but sadly, not many people know this facet of his political persona.

Today, as the national transport strike of jeepney groups enters a second day, President Duterte has again announced that there will be no work in government offices and no classes in all levels.

There was never any attempt on the part of the President to negotiate with the transport groups to stop their strike. There are no policemen controlling their activities.

By ordering that there will be no work in government offices and no classes in all levels, President Duterte deprives the rallyists their main weapon in pressuring government which is discomfort and inconvenience to commuters. Classic example of using the enemy’s strength to overpower him.

Sa kalaunan, nagtanong si Secratary Manny kung sino daw ba ang talo – ang Pangulo ba, ang mga estudyanted, mga manggagawa, o ang mga jeepney drivers at operators din? May napala daw ba sila o mas lalo lang silang nalugi?

Umaasa ang kalihim na sana maunawaan ng mga raliyista na ang layunin nilang paralisahin ang Metro Manila ay hindi naging matagumpay.

At the end of the day today, I am sure the leaders of the transport groups will ask themselves: What have we achieved? How much did we lose in daily earnings? Then, they will realise that their attempt to paralyse Metro Manila by staging a transport strike has actually exploded in their faces.

I guess people now know who paid a dear price for a tactical mistake.

The moral lesson: Don’t engage Duterte unless you truly know him.


Narito ang kabuuan ng post na ito ni Sec. Manny.

My Boss was Rushed to the Hospital

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This is not about my Boss. Neither it is about why she was rushed to the hospital. This is about what I said to her. 

She was rushed to the hospital two days ago. She was in pain. Actually, she’s in pain for quite some time now. She’s becoming weaker and weaker everytime. I am sure what happened to her saddened everyone in the office. Everyone knows her condition. 

She’s a good boss. Workaholic at that. I heard she’s still getting in touch with my superiors coordinating important matters while she’s in the hospital. 

I was busy doing my errands when they brought her to the hospital. It wasn’t that I was insensitive that time or that I care less that I was not able to know what is happening or what had caused her emergency. Just that things had happened very fast. 

It was lunch time when I got the chance to send her a text message:

“Hello po, Boss. I hope ok na po kayo. Pagaling po kayo mabuti.” (“Hello, Boss. I hope you are ok. Get well soon.”)

I wasn’t expecting that she’ll reply because I know she cant because of her condition. I understand. But she replied despite:

“Thanks, John. Please pray for my healing. God bless.”

I knew immediately what I had to say, wholeheartedly:

“My prayers are with you po, Boss. God Bless po.” (My prayers are always with you, Boss. God bless you.)

After that, I haven’t heard anything about her. I was in Tagaytay for a week for an official business so I dont know what’s happening in the office, nor about her condition. 

It was Tuesday, three days ago, when I got a message from her:

“John, I will be discharged na. Thanks for your prayers 🙏😊”

I felt so much joy while reading her message, not only because she’s already well, but also because God, indeed, do listen to the prayers of His children. 

“Yeeeeey! So happy to know that, Boss. God is really good. Take care po.”, I texted her..

Although I have not received a reply after that, I knew she’s well and God is with her. 

It is not about what I said to her that is important. What is important is our belief in the power of prayer. What I said is nothing compared to what God can do when we pray to Him.  

Prayers bring joy. Prayers bring hope. Prayers heal. Prayer gives us peace of mind. Prayers bring us closer to God. Prayer is so powerful that even the most impossible thing becomes possible. 

The Bible says,  

Is anyone among you in trouble? Let them pray. (James 5:13 , NIV)

This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us. (1 John 5:14, NIV)

And if we know that he hears us—whatever we ask—we know that we have what we asked of him. (1 John 5:15, NIV)

1st Law of Power: Never Outshine the Master

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Always make those above you feel comfortably superior. In your desire to please and impress them, do not go too far in displaying your talents or you might accomplish the opposite – inspire fear and insecurity. Make your master appear more brilliant than they are and you will attain the heights of power. 

The reason for this law is simple: All masters want to appear more brilliant than other people. They do not care anything more than their name and glory. Instead of insecurity, you must give them glory. Do not challenge their intellectual authority, instead make them feel superior. Do not outshine them, make them outshine all others. 

Key to this power:
Everyone has insecurities. When you show yourself in the world and display your talents, you naturally stir up all kinds of resentment, envy, and other manifestations of insecurity. This is to be expected. You cannot spend your life worrying about the petty feelings of others. With those above you, however, you must take a different approach: When it comes to power, outshining the master is perhaps the worst mistake of all. 

Masters want to feel secure in their positions, and superior to those around them in intelligence, wit, and charm. It is a deadly but common misperception to believe that by displaying and vaunting your gifts and talents, you are winning the master’s affection. He may feign appreciation, but at his first opportunity he will replace you with someone less intelligent, less attractive, and less threatening. The master will not admit the truth, but will find an excuse to rid himself of your presence. 

There are masters who are more insecure than others, monstrously insecure. Should you inadvertently outshine them by your charm and grace, or just by being simply yourself, this lesson should be put in mind: If you cannot help being charming and superior, you must learn how to avoid such monsters of vanity. Find a way to mute your good qualities when in the company of these kind of masters. 

Also, never imagine that because the master loves you, you can do anything you want. Entire books could be written about favorites who fell out of favor by taking their status for granted, for daring to outshine. Do not be somebody who had no sense of limits. Presuming that you are in the same rights and position as those of the highest nobility, do not forget that your position depend on your master. Do not come to believe that you earned your position on your own. Remember the following: Never take your position for granted and never let any favors you receive go to your head. 

Applying this power:
If you are more intelligent than your master, make him appear more intelligent than you. Act naive. Make it seem that you need his expertise. Commit harmless mistakes that will not hurt you in the long run but will give you the chance to ask for his help. Masters adore requests. A master who cannot bestow on you the gifts of his experience may direct rancor and ill will at you instead. 

It is not weakness to disguise your strengths if in the end they lead to power. By letting others outshine you, you remain in control, instead of being a victim of their insecurity. If you can make your master shine even more in the eyes of others, then you are a godsend and you will be instantly promoted. 

This power is a lesson that the stars in the sky teach us – they may be related to the sun, and just as brilliant, but they never appear in her company. 

If today your master is still firm in his position, yet you know yourself to be the more capable, bide your time and be patient. It is the natural course of things that power eventually fades and weakens. Your master will fall someday, and if you play it right, you will outlive and someday outshine him. 

Excerpts from: The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene (2000). 

Hindi kasalanan ng Gobyerno o ng Pangulo kung bakit mahirap ka

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Nanggaling kami sa hirap. Nasubukan namin mag-ulam ng asin, minsan toyo, minsan kanin lang. Pero di ko maalala na sinisi namin ang gobyerno, never ang sinumang Pangulo ng Pilipinas sa kahirapan namin. Nagsikap lang ang ina namin, nagtulong-tulong kami na magkakapatid para makapagtapos ng pag-aaral. Ngayon nakaraos na kami ng walang paninisi sa gobyerno o sa pangulo. 
Hindi ang gobyerno, hindi ang Pangulo ang sagot sa kahirapan mo, kundi ang sariling pagsisikap mo.

Maging responsable ka din. Buhay mo yan. 


Ako si BLOG ONG!, Ang Kuwaderno ni BLOG ONG!, Blog Ong, Kwentong Jeep!


Maganda ang gising ko kahit kulang ako sa tulog noong isang araw. Katulad ng dati, kailangan ko gumising ng maaga upang pumasok sa trabaho. Inat-inat, luto ng almusal, kain, ligo, bihis at ready na ako pumasok. (Fast-forward)

Nakasakay na ako ng jeep sa pilahan. Di pa man nakakaalis ang jeep na sinasakyan ko, ang init na agad ng ulo ni Mamang Driver. Pilit kasing ginagawang siyaman ang walohang jeep. Nagkataon pang may sumakay na 1 ½ ang sukat ng katawan, ayon uminit ang ulo ng driver kasi bumaba ang dalawang pasahero dahil ayaw nila masikip na masasakyan. Wala ng gustong pumasok, napilitang umalis ang jeep na kulang ang sakay. Walang nagawa ang sumisigaw ng Mamang Driver kundi umalis na kulang ang sakay, lahat ng sakay ay nagmamadali.

Umandar na ang jeep. Makalipas ang pitong minuto at limampung segundo na pagtakbo, pumara ang isang binatilyo. Maporma at mukhang maraming pera. Mukhang may date dahil nagmamadaling bumaba. Maya-maya pa ay sumigaw ang hot-tempered na Mamang Driver, “Hoy! Di ka pa nagbabayad!” Nagkamali pala ako ng akala sa porma ng binatilyo. Hindi umandar ang jeep hanggat hindi lumalapit yung binatilyo na noon ay nasa kabilang kalsada na. Nagtalo na ang dalawa sa gitna ng kalsada habang ang mga kasunod naming jeep ay naghuhumiyaw na sa lakas ng busina. Biglang umeksena ang isang pasahero sa likod at sinabing, “Nagbayad na yan kanina! Ano ba, late na kami!”

Hindi ko alam kung nagbayad ba talaga ang mapormang binatilyo o hindi sapagkat hindi ko nakita. Ang sabi ko na lang, “Strike 1!”


Umalis kami sa eksenang yun na mas lalong mainit ang ulo ng Mamang Driver. Panay ang salita ng kung anu-anong di masikmurang mga salita. Kung pwede lang niyang balikan yung binatilyo upang basagin ang mukha pero wala na siyang magawa kundi magmura.

Maya-maya pa ay biglang pumara ang tatlong mama na mukhang mga construction workers dahil sa itsura, damit, at amoy nila. Malayo-layo na rin pala ang tinatakbo namin mula sa mapormang binatilyo na inakusahang di nagbayad.

Nakababa na ang tatlong mama ng, “Mga gago kayo! Makita ko lang kayo sa pila sa susunod, pagbabasagin ko mga pagmumukha ninyo!” Teka, teka ano naman ang nangyayari? (sabi ko sa isip ko.) Ano? Di na naman nagbayad yung tatlo? Hehe, mukhang minamalas ang Mamang Driver, nakapagsakay ng mga pasaherong suspek sa di pagbabayad ng pamasahe. As usual, walang nagawa ang Mamang Driver kundi ang patakbuhin ang jeep na sinasakyan namin sapagkat naka-GO na ang traffic light.

Nanggigigil na ang Mamang Driver dahil sa magkasunod na insidente ng di pagbabayad ng mga pasahero niya. (Ako din, di pa nagbabayad nung mga oras na yun.) Nararamdaman ko ang galit at pagkainis ng Mamang Driver, bumibilis na ang takbo ng jeep na sinasakyan namin. Wala na siyang sinasanto, pakiramdam ko nakasakay na ako sa isang Fast and the Furious na sasakyan. Dahil ito sa tatlong bugoy na di nagbayad ng pamasahe…strike 2!


Inilabas ko na ang wallet ko upang kumuha ng pamasahe. Galit na galit na ang driver, mukhang papatayin na niya lahat ng mga di pa nakakabayad. Gusto na niyang manigurado na lahat ng naiiwan na pasahero niya ay magbabayad. Nagsisipagabutan na ng bayad ang mga kasama kong pasahero. Natatakot na din siguro na mapatay ng Mamang Driver. Nanlilisik na ang mga mata nito at bawat kilos ng kanyang mga pasahero ay kitang kita niya sa salamin ng jeep. Lahat ng aakmang bababa ay nililingon niya upang makasiguro na nakabayad na ito bago bumaba.

Akmang iaabot ko na ang bayad ko ng ginitgit ng Mamang Driver ang isang jeep na nasa unahan namin. Isang centimetro na lang ang layo para masagi niya ang sasakyan. Natural ang jeep na nagitgit ay mag-iinit ang ulo. Ginitgit din ang jeep na sinasakyan namin. Yun nga lang natamaan niya ang side mirror ng Mamang Driver na umaapoy na sa galit. Naggitgitan ang dalawang jeep na parang TOKYO DRIFT. Kabado na ako sa susunod na mangyayari.

Hindi na nakapagpigil pa ang Mamang Driver at bumaba na ito at hinabol ang jeep na gumitgit sa kanya. Mabilis tumakbo ang Mamang Driver. Daig pa niya si Superman sa bilis. Gusto na niyang bumasag ng mukha at ilabas ang galit sa mga hindi nagbayad sa kanya ng pamasahe sa driver na ginigit niya na gumanti rin sa kanya. Nakakapit ito sa likod ng jeep na hinahabol niya. Natulala kaming lahat sa nakikita namin. Ng mahimasmasan ako, hindi ko pa rin pala naibababa ang aking kamay na nag-aabot ng pamasahe ko.

Nakakakaba ang mga sumunod na nangyari. Bigla na lang naming nakita na tumilapon sa jeep ang Mamang Driver. Sa di maipaliwanag na pangyayari, hindi namin alam kung paanong tumilapon siya sa bintana ng jeep. Maaaring pinagtulungan siyang ihulog ng mga pasahero ng jeep na hinabol niya o di kaya tumilapon siya habang gumigewang ang jeep na hinahabol niya. Mabuti na lang at walang sumusunod na jeep noon at tiyak napisak ang Mamang Driver sa gitna ng kalsada.

Bigla akong napatingin sa aking relo at nakita kong atrasado na ako sa aking biyahe. Kailangan ko ng gumalaw kung hindi ay male-late ako sa aking trabaho. Sa hindi maipaliwanag na pangyayari, bigla akong nagdesisyon na bumaba ng jeep at sumakay agad sa paparating na jeep.

Walang magandang idudulot ang pagiging mainitin ang ulo. Ika nga e hindi tayo nakakapagisip ng  maayos kapag galit tayo. Kaya naman maganda kung mapag-aralan natin ang pagiging kalmado sa lahat ng oras. Katulad ni Mamang Driver, maaaring nadigrasya sana siya sa pagkakataong yun pag nagkataon. Ng dahil lang sa siyete pesos na nawala sa kanya, na hindi rin naman niya sigurado kung nagbayad o hindi yung mga inakusahan niya, muntikan na siyang bawian ng buhay.

Sinasadya ko man o hindi, napaisip ako na tama lang na hindi ko naiabot ang pamasahe ko sa Mamang Driver, para maisip niya na habang umiinit ang ulo niya, mas lalong wala siyang makukuhang mabuti at mapapahamak lang siya.

Nadaanan namin ang Mamang Driver na pipilay-pilay pabalik sa jeep niya. Kung ano man ang mga sumunnod na nangyari pagkatapos nun, wala na akong pakialam. Bigla ko na lang nasambit sa aking isip habang papalayo na ang jeep na sinasakyan ko sa Mamang Driver na pabalik sa kanyang sasakyan… “STRIKE 3!.”